Full-Length Plays

Full versions of plays available to read in the members section of the New Play Exchange (NPX). Or, to request a full copy of the play, please fill out the contact form.


(2m, 1f)

Development: Last Frontier Theater Conference, 2019

Synopsis: Vincent and Joe are con artists at the race track, preparing for their next score. After Vincent hits a big winner, he thinks about leaving the partnership. Then he meets Erin, a young actress, who asks Vincent to help her buy back the thoroughbred her family lost. Vincent decides to bet everything on starting a new life. Joe has other plans.

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Kill the Editor

(2m, 1f)

Production: Exit Studio Theatre, San Francisco, CA 2017

Synopsis: Ben, a young editor, has just landed his dream job to edit a documentary film at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The catch is: he only has one week to cut the previous five-hour version down to size and the egomaniacal, obsessive filmmaker, Cameron, doesn’t want to touch a frame. And when Libby, Cameron’s previous editor and lover, returns to reclaim her rightful position, Ben is forced to choose between them.

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The Mating Instinct

(3m, 4f)

Workshop Production: 5th Wall Productions, Charleston, SC 2018

Synopsis: Carl, a teacher in an elite private high school, is about to publish his third YA novel, The Mating Instinct, which depicts a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student. When his wife reads an Advanced Reader Copy and identifies the student in the book as a senior named Mackenzie, she believes the affair is real. Soon Carl’s job, reputation, and relationship with his family are at stake as the line between truth and fiction becomes increasingly blurred.

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Chelsea Perkins

(2m, 3f)

Developmental: Dramatists Guild Footlight Series, San Francisco 2018

Synopsis: After completing her magnum opus – an angsty, bitter novel about life’s inherent unfairness – Emma writes a second book for her own amusement, a send-up of the “chick-lit” genre entitled Chelsea Perkins, which is surprisingly accepted.  Emma then meets Rob, a charming, intelligent young publisher, and soon her new fairy-tale life begins to resemble the same fantasy world she only previously imagined. 

Available at Playscripts Online.

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Too Good to Be True

(8m, 5f)

Developmental Reading: Playwrights Center of San Francisco, 2016

Synopsis: The year is 1928 and a new play by Max Barry has been playing to sold-out audiences out of town — the play depicts a recent true-life scandal involving William Randolph Hearst, Charlie Chaplin, Marion Davies, and a movie mogul named Thomas Ince who died under mysterious circumstances aboard Hearst’s yacht, The Onieda.  Now, with two days before the New York opening, it is discovered that the facts depicted in the play never actually happened.  In a panic, Sam Harris, the producer, Basil Dean, the director, and playwright Max Barry realize the only way to keep the public from finding out that their play is a fraud is by recreating the events of the play itself.

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(2m, 2f)

Production: Players Loft, NYC 2009

Synopsis: The year is 1973 and Alice is nine months pregnant.  She is surprised by an unexpected visit from Frank, her husband’s old college roommate, and even more surprised when he introduces his 17 year-old companion, Taylor.  Alice and her husband, Neil, entertain their guests to the best of their ability but as the evening progresses, Frank and Taylor launch into an elaborate role-play, making a mockery of Alice and Neil’s domestic lives.

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