Full-Length Plays

Full versions of plays available to read in the members section of the New Play Exchange (NPX). Or, to request a full copy of the play, please fill out the contact form.


Big Dreams in a Tiny Apartment (2m,2f) 106 pages, dramatic comedy. Script sample.

Alan and Lisa are a married couple in their late 30s, living in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, terrified their lives are passing them by.  One day, Alan thinks he’s caught his big break when a producer becomes interested in his screenplay.  After his luck takes another turn, however, Alan realizes that the biggest thing standing between himself and success is … himself.

Big Dreams in a Tiny Apartment is a Neil Simon-esque comedy about learning to appreciate who you are and what you have.


Chelsea Perkins (2m,3f) 90 pages, dramatic comedy. Script sample.

After completing her magnum opus – an angsty, bitter novel about life’s inherent unfairness – Emma writes a second book for her own amusement, a send-up of the “chick-lit” genre entitled Chelsea Perkins.  After the book is published, her new fairy-tale life begins to resemble the same fantasy world she only previously imagined.

Chelsea Perkins is a character-based comedy exploring the business side of the fiction world. It follows a character who tries to hold onto her ideals but ultimately pays a price for her stubbornness.

Convictions (3m,5f)  100 pages, comedy.  Script sample.

Victoria’s life is catapulted into chaos when she falls in love with her client, a man on death row. Her family and friends believe she’s lost her mind, but she is determined to follow both her heart and convictions, whatever the cost.


Expecting (2m,2f) 86 pages, dramatic comedy. Script sample.

Alice and Neil are expecting Frank, Neil’s old college roommate, for a visit, but are surprised when Frank shows up with a 17 year old girl named Taylor.  Over the course of one comically nightmarish evening, Frank and Taylor proceed to create of disturbing mockery of Neil and Alice’s domestic existence.


Kill the Editor (2m,1f)  99 pages, dramatic comedy.  Published script (and sample).

Ben, a young editor, has just landed his dream job to edit a documentary film at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.  The catch is: he only has one week to cut the previous five-hour version down to size and the egomaniacal, obsessive filmmaker, Cameron, doesn’t want to touch a frame.  


The Mating Instinct (3m,4f)  101 pages, dramatic comedy.  Script sample.

Carl, a teacher in an elite private high school, is about to publish his third YA novel, The Mating Instinct, depicting a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student, which everyone, including his wife, believes is based on actual affair. Rather than hide the misunderstanding, Carl escalates the conflict by making the accusation public.


Parallax (2m,1f) 75 pages, drama. Script sample.

Vincent and Joe are con artists, working together at the racetrack, living only for the next score and the next race.  Against his better judgment, Vincent agrees to do one last job, targeting a young actress named Erin.  At first, Erin seems like an innocent victim, but as she and Vincent grow closer, her own agenda is slowly revealed. 


A Separation (4m,5f) 91 pages, dramatic comedy. Script sample.

In 1977, after completing the “est” training seminar (an intensive, transformative seminar designed to address personal accountability), Stan decides to make a new start.  He quits his job and separates from his wife, but the wall of reality comes crashing down after his wife leaves Chris, their thirteen year-old son, in Stan’s care.  


The Speed of Gravity (1m,2f,12 various w/doubling) 97 pages, comedy. Script sample.

Sandra and Keanu develop a romance while driving a bus that has to maintain a speed of 50 mph or else it will explode.  After that, they move to a lake house where their relationship takes a turn.  Keanu thinks he might be the chosen one and Sandra is having trouble with her blind side.  Then after a maniac kidnaps their child, Sandra must go undercover at the Miss America pageant to get her back!

The Speed of Gravity is a parody, following Sandra and Keanu through their various films.  But it also takes on a unique life of its own, as Sandra struggles with alcohol addiction and her dream of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming an astronaut.  The play looks at our relationship to the movies and the popularity of films which go from one life and death situation to another.


Too Good to Be True (8m,5f)  93 pages, comedy.  Script sample.

A new play written in 1928, billed as a “true story,” has been playing to sold-out audiences out of town and is just about to make its New York debut. Now, with two days before the New York opening, it is discovered that the facts depicted in the play never actually took place.  To avoid catastrophe, the writer, director, and producer attempt to recreate the original events.