5th Wall Productions


It was my great pleasure to recently attend the workshop production of The Mating Instinct at the South of Broadway theater in North Charleston.  What a privilege to see the terrific cast - including Brett Leach, Maddie Latham, Kathleen O'Shaughnessy, Dick Latham, Toyia Brown, Lauren Mummert, and Paul O'Brien, directed by Jason Olson - bring the play to life for the first time.  It was truly exciting to see these characters, who previously lived only in my own head, come alive in front of me.  What Jason and Blair have created is a real writer's workshop devoted to the development of the play, a rare thing these days.  In addition to getting to see the play twice, I received invaluable feedback from Jason, the cast and crew, and the audience.  I am very grateful for this unique experience.