Sunday, July 27th at 7:30pm


a staged reading

1616 16th Street, Suite 350


Ben Elie
Tommy Harkness
Heather Kellogg
Mary Faith Tomlinson

Admission is free
Snacks and drinks provided

Sandra and Keanu develop a romance while driving a bus that has to maintain a speed of 50 mph or else it will explode. After that, they move to a lake house where their relationship takes a turn. Keanu thinks he might be the chosen one and Sandra is having trouble with her blind side. Then after a maniac kidnaps their child, Sandra must go undercover at the Miss America pageant to get her back!

The Speed of Gravity is a parody, following Sandra and Keanu through their various films. But it also takes on a unique life of its own, as Sandra struggles with alcohol addiction and her dream of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming an astronaut. The play looks at our relationship to the movies and the popularity of films which go from one life and death situation to another.